Cancer is Inherently Linked to our Genetics

Cancer. Probably one of the most difficult problems that has faced humanity since it’s conception. Yet, it is still one of the most elusive diseases, where it’s hard to determine the biological mechanisms and reasons as to why it occurs. Recent advancements in biology and oncology has shown that cancer has definitive connections to our genetics, more specifically, our epigenetics, or the expression of certain genes in our bodies. Some genes within the body may be more expressive than others, or show more in the resulting phenotype then other genes, and this is widely determined by environmental factors such as…

A comprehensive explanation of the blockchain equivalent of applications. These new Dapps are the future of consumer technology.

Apps Run the World

Love it or hate it, software runs the world. A lot of what we interact with on a day to day basis are applications. These applications monitor our data, interact with our data and decide what we get to see on the applications. We are under constant surveillance under these applications. Why is this bad? We lose the right to our own data and become vulnerable to big tech companies. But, you don’t have a choice because you need software for a lot of the things that you do. Well… you didn’t have a choice until now. Decentralized applications are…

Everything you need to know about this growing technology

Do You Trust Me? 😈

Our entire society runs on trust. You trust your boss to pay you. You trust the government to ensure your security. You trust your bank to not steal your money and run away. We blindly trust so many institutions and people without giving it a second thought.

But what if something happens? Your boss doesn’t pay you. The government falls. Your bank invests all your money into the stock market and the stock market crashes, leading you to lose all your savings (Ahem… Stock Market Crash of 2008). It seems impossible that these horrible things could happen. But the fact…

Everything about complacency and why it’s crippling you from the inside.

Feeling satisfied? 🤔

Imagine this. You’ve just finished an enormous project that took you over 100+ hours of work and over 4 months to complete. You’re tired, and rightfully so. You decide a vacation is in order and take a 2 week break and just relax. Afterwards, you’re feeling satisfied with your situation and just go back to doing the same kind of stuff. You don’t want more because you’re happy with what you’ve got. So, what’s the issue? You decide that you don’t need to spend more time on harder projects, because you’ve already proven yourself and you’re good to spend a…

Helping to eradicate diseases and viruses through the power of T-cells.

The Greatest Threat to Humanity…

What is the greatest threat to humanity? Some might say that it’s a nuclear fallout. Others might say it’s the threat of a large asteroid hitting our planet. In fact, most people believe that the biggest threat to humanity is some out of this world, unimaginable thing that will wipe out humans in one sweep. Well… the greatest threat to humanity is right under our noses.

Explaining how these vital visual representations of machine learning models work.

A Data Scientists’ Dilemma

Big companies are getting involved with machine learning like never before. Especially with the necessity of data scientists steadily growing in big companies, data scientists bare a big job in the machine learning consulting space. One issue that arises from data scientists in big companies is the issue of communication with other branches in the company. Miscommunication and misinterpretation between data scientists and non-data scientists cost lots of money and time. The question becomes, how do data scientists communicate reports and metrics about their current projects to upper management? …

Using Machine Learning to predict if Cancer is within Microscopic Images.

The Terrible Tale of Cancer

Cancer continues to be one of the world’s most deadly diseases, killing over 10 million+ people a year. One of the reasons that cancer is so deadly is that if it’s left unattended even for a short period of time, it can have already taken over a biological system. Early diagnoses are the key to battling cancer, and machine learning is revolutionizing early diagnosis.

Machine learning is able to deduce patterns in things that humans can’t. This includes finding very abstract patterns in images. Using the power of machine learning, a model can be created to deduce cancerous cells from…

Using Long-Short Term Memory Networks to Make That $

Face it. We’re dumb.

A blindfolded monkey could manage a portfolio better than any human ever could. No, I’m actually serious. Numerous studies show that monkeys outperform humans in the stock market all the time. A monkey allegedly generated 8x more profit in a quarter than traders on the New York Stock Exchange. How can a clueless primate beat the so-called “geniuses” of wall street? The answer, dumb luck.

Everything you need to know to get started with CNNs

The range that computer vision applies to in modern society is broad. We use computer vision to diagnose major diseases. We use computer vision to unlock our phones.We even use computer vision as wacky snapchat filters. It was the creation of the Convolutional Neural Network that revolutionized the computer vision field and gave the ability for computers to “see.”

How Computers see Images

You and I see images by using light that hits our retinas and then processing the light in our brains to produce what we see. Computers don’t have this ability to read qualitative data such as light and interpret it in…

A discussion on the ethical dilemmas that are faced with the power of gene editing.

Gene editing is the process of changing and altering the genetic code of different organisms. The applications for gene editing are vast… from modifying plants so they have a longer shelf life to fighting genetic diseases, gene editing can do a lot. Even though breakthroughs in gene editing will change the world, should we allow it to? Gene editing has some major drawbacks when you put an ethical lens on it, and in this article I’ll go over some of the main arguments. Specifically discussing gene editing on babies and fetuses. …

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